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The Bodhi Yoga Retreats and Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Courses were designed to help you break free from the suffering that holds you back and living your best life. Using yoga, meditation, and mindset tools our founder Brett Moran has spent the last seventeen years developing a proven method that can cleat the mind and reprogram your brain so that you can ignite the power within you and break free from the mental prison that keeps you trapped. 


Bodhi is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Awakened’.  At Bodhi Yoga, we believe that your life was meant to feel good that's why we have created a method to help you master your monkey-mind and ignite your spirit. Our Yoga Retreats and Teacher Training courses are set in the most magical location to help support your awakening. On every Bodhi experience, you will learn how to meditate and create the Bodhi Mind so that you can ignite the positive energy inside you, and get stronger mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually! 

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On each Bodhi Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Course, we offer a number of free places to men and women who have survived sex trafficking across Asia. We are partnered with local charity projects that are making a positive impact in the world. Our mission is to offer training and ongoing support to those who feel motivated and inspired to spread yoga and meditation as tools for personal transformation!  


Our vision is to share the Bodhi Method with the world and train authentic Yoga and Meditation Teachers who feel called to join our movement and open their own studios. Rather then a franchise, we feel it’s more of an awakening and something bigger is calling us all to step it up and share the peace and love yoga and meditation brings to the world. If you are interested in partnering with Bodhi, and opening your own studio is a dream, then we invite you to get in touch. Join us so that we can spread the positive energy and make the world a brighter place.


We have a passionate and professional team who have dedicated their lives to the path of helping others and mastering their craft. On your retreat or traning, they will guide you through your journey of awakening and help you heal. Our teachers have over sixty years of experience between them. From university lecturers who lived with Guru's in India and studied the Vedic traditions, to world-class teachers who run yoga retreats and businesses all around the world. 


Whilst your time with Bodhi will be filled with plenty of fun and laughter we strictly prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs of any sort. And we will kindly ask you to leave. It is our mission to show you a new healthier way of life so you can ignite the best buzz within you! We are on a mission to help you raise your consciousness and break free from suffering.  

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