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Bodhi Beads hold a lot of power and mystery. Many spiritual traditions have used mala beads for healing and spiritual growth. But none have used them like the Bodhi Beads. Each set of Bodhi Beads is blessed with the intention of healing, growth and spiritual awakening. And while they’re used for generally the same reason, they mean something slightly different to all who wear them.  Bodhi Beads are a string of 108 beads with the Bodhi head in the very center, which is a symbol of the Light and the Teacher who helps lift your awareness, making you self-reliant, independent and awake. Bodhi Beads are used as a powerful tool to help you clear your mind and awaken your spirit! Through guided meditations and positive mantras, our founder, Brett Moran will show you to rewire your brain with new positive beliefs so that you can feel a deeper connection to your essence and wake up with more joy, energy, and confidence. 


  • Bodhi Beads reduce stress and anxiety 

  • Bodhi Beads deepen your meditation practice 

  • Bodhi Beads instantly calm and clear your mind 

  • Bodhi Beads ignite more positive energy and motivation 

  • Bodhi Beads help you sink deeper into real love 

  • Bodhi Beads make your life more joyful 

  • Bodhi Beads create a peaceful mindset

  • Bodhi Bead rewire your past and transform your future

  • Bodhi Beads make you feel more confident 

  • Bodhi Beads make you feel comfortable in your own skin

  • Bodhi Beads ignite a natural buzz for life! 


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You are not your thoughts or the stories inside your head. You are far more powerful then you could ever imagine.  But you must awaken your spirit. 

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Take control of your mindset and discover how to activate the intelligence that wants you to feel good and enjoy your life. 


Your life was meant to feel good. Get out of the way, rewire your mind and ignite the power within you so that you can break free negativity and live your best life.


Our founder Brett Moran has been using mala beads for the last decade and believes they have been the secret to his spiritual success. By reprogramming his mind and removing the limiting beliefs that kept him stuck in pain and suffering, Brett was able to totally transform is life and break free. Brett became passionate about helping others escape their negative programming and for the last several years he has been leading yoga and meditation workshops and retreats around the world. At the start of his classes, Brett gave students mala beads and showed them how to decondition the mind from negative patterns snd awaken the deeper spirit. That’s’ when the idea for Bodhi Beads' was born. Using local Thai people who practice Buddhist concepts, Brett designed and started to manufacture Bodhi Beads. Now he feels called to share them you and the world and to show you how to awaken your spirit and live beyond your ego. Brett personally blesses and meditates on each set of Bodhi Beads' before the student receives them. All you need to do is practice, get out of the way and surrender to the intelligence. The universe will take care of the rest and guide towards more freedom and miracles.