Set on a tropical island in a magical location, Bodhi Yoga has created the perfect retreat so that you can unplug, getaway and recentre yourself. We offer a number of unforgettable retreats to help your personal growth, dive deeper into your spiritual practice plus improve your mental, emotional and physical health. While each retreat is unique and special in its own way, you’ll experience daily yoga and meditation classes to help you tap into a deeper level of joy, wisdom and inner peace. You'll take exciting adventures, meet amazing people and learn the life skills needed to help you create the exact life you want! Through various workshops and proven exercises, you'll discover how to remove your greatest fears, break free from negative habits and awaken the true power within you. Scroll down to see our upcoming retreats!  

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If you like sunsets you’ll love Zen beach! Each night like minded people from all around the world come together to dance the night  away around an uplifting drumming circle. 


Taking ice baths might sound crazy and painful but it's the fastest way to awaken your spirit and heal your body. 


Trek through tropical jungles with breathtaking views points Possible spot some cheeky monkeys hang in the trees and ead to a secluded beach for fresh coconuts 


Feeling adventurous? Book a private speed boat and float across the ocean.  


Take your meditation practice to a deeper level and explore coral riff. Swim with tropical fish in a breathtaking environment that will melt your heart 



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Strengthen your mind and body so you can ignite a natural buzz within you. 

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Clear your mind and separate from negative thoughts.


Use the power of imagination to create the exact life you want to live.


Break negative patterns and create healthy habits to awaken your spirit.  



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We're Here To Answer Your Questions

I’m a complete beginner can I attend a Bodhi retreat?

Yoga and Meditation are not difficult to learn, you don’t need to be flexible, bendy and skinny to practice yoga at Bodhi! If you are ready to improve your life and want to experince more adventure freedom our retreats will guide you every step of the way. The Bodhi retreats are perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners who want to deepen thier wisdom and knowledgte about personal transformation. You will learn new tools to take home and create your own daily practice so that you can continue your personal growth and evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

What if I’m not strong or flexible enough?

You only get stronger and flexible by taking action and practicing. We are all beginners and if you can walk into a class you can do yoga! If you can breathe you can meditate. It’s just a matter of shrinking your fears and taken part. Be open and willing and allow this path to pull you towards a greter destiny, which is exactly what you learn at a Bodhi retreat.

I can’t stop thinking can I attend meditation classes?

The biggest myth about meditation is that you are supposed to stop thinking. We’re not sure where that white lie came from but it’s not true! If you are overthinking then meditation can show you how to create a new and empowering relationship with the voice inside your head and go beyond the ego so that you can calm your monkey-mind and find true peace. The brain is a thinking machine, it will never stop thinking, but you can create stillness in your mind and turn it into a very calm and loving space. The Bodhi medittion method will help you meditate and clear your mind instanlty.

What visa do I need?

Before you enter Thailand they will give you a visa upon arrival form on the plane. Fill this form out and you will get 30 days in Thailand. Use this address when asked where you are staying 44/22 1 Ko Pha-ngan Sub-district, Surat Thani 84280

How do I get there?

You can fly to Bangkok or Phuket then hop on a short flight to Samui. From Samui you will get a ferry to Koh Phnagn which is around 30 minutes. When you book your retreat and send us your arrival details we will have a driver waiting for you at the ferry port on Koh Phangan. He’ll whizz you straight to the beach where we’ll have the key for your room ready and a fresh coconuts.

This is my first time to Thailand is it safe?

Thailand is also known as the land of smiles. In our experience it is one of the most down to earth paces you will visit. The culture is predominantly Buddist and the warm Thai smiles will melt your heart. The island vibe here is heavenly and most of the time you’ll have to pinch yourself because it is so laid back and peaceful. The complete opposite to the Western stress! Overall Koh Phnagn is a special place for healing and awakening and the reason why Brett has picked this slice of paradise to help you awaken your spirit.

Is Brett an enlightened Guru?

When you meet Brett his energy is exciting and infectious. His sky blue eyes are beaming with light and joy. Chances are he’ll hug you straight away and you’ll feel the love. Brett’s passion for life will ignite something deeper and exciting within you. But, while Brett is certainly a catalyst for change and can help you snap out of funk and tap into your power, he is not an enlightened Guru. And if he tells you he is please let us know and we’ll give him his medication!

I’m still on the fence and I have questions

We know traveling away from home can make you feel apprehensive, plus a retreat is a big investment for some people and others simply don’t have the confidence to follow their dreams. So if you would like to speak to someone personally let’s jump on a call and answers any questions you have. If Brett is free he’ll speak to you and you can ask him anything. Email us here to book a call:

  • To finally change your negative habits

  • To wake up happier and 

  • To discover your purpose in life

  • To create your dream life

  • To ignite your inner spark and feel more energy 

  • To stop overthinking negative self-talk 

  • To get stronger and flexible 

  • To find inner peace and clarity

  • To wake up to the magnificence of life

  • To feel more joy and bliss